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Friday, January 15, 2010

Atlanta Boat Show

Tomorrow we are going to the Atlanta Boat Show! KJ and I went 2 years ago and we had a blast. There were tons of freebies for kids, and I was in sponge mode. Everything was new.

This year will be different. We now have a boat. We have acquired a lot of knowledge. We have very specific items we are looking for, like a Luke anchor, Decca batteries, 200 feet of 3/8 anchor chain, a D-400 wind generator, a Raymarine radar system, auto-inflating life vests, hundreds of feet of lines, a 5 hp outboard engine for the dingy, and so much more.

While the show has lots of focus on power boats and freshwater, there are seminars for sailing and much of the gear applies to either method of propulsion. We will be walking into the show with a list of about 30 items that we still need to acquire for our journey, along with the best price we can find the item on the Internet for. If a boat show price, along with the shipping or lack there of, beats what we can find, we will drop some coin.

We will blog on some of the interesting things we find at the boat show. Heck, even Spongebob Squarepants side kick Patrick will be at the show. How can this not be good!


  1. I wasn't familiar with a Luke anchor so I had to look it up. It is similar to a fishermans if I am not mistaken. Curious as to your reasons for this choice. I think they require a fair amount of weight to be effective, do they not? What size would you be getting?


  2. @Mike: Yes, the Luke anchor is just like a fisherman in terms of shape. The Luke, like from www.peluke.com, breaks down into 3 parts making it easier to transport because, as you noted, they need to be fairly heavy to be effective. However, their real upside is that they are very good in all bottom types, so if the bottom type isn't certain, we can drop the Luke. Further, when we hit the northern latitudes, where seaweed and kelp are heavy, this anchor will be fantastic and really come into its own.

    Our anchoring strategy is to go heavy and have plenty. We will have a CQR, a Bruce, and a Luke, plus 2 kedging anchors. We will drop 2 anchors at any one anchorage if we plan on staying for a night or more. The Luke allows us to apply it plus either the CQR or Bruce, depending on the bottom. Maybe I should roll this all into a blog as there is much more to all this!

  3. @Mike: sorry, I didn't answer one part of your question. We will be buying a 70 lbs Luke. This Luke will also form a basis for riding out storms.

  4. Thanks Bill. I would be interested in reading about your anchoring strategy / methods, as I am sure others would be.


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