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Friday, January 22, 2010

Raymarine C70 Acquired - Almost!

After we made the decision to go for a simple, low power consumption, radar system we spent a lot of time looking, pricing, and even bidding on radar systems. We were rewarded Tuesday night with the right priced Raymarine C70 Multifunction display for our radar system.

For $1,300 all in (shipping, etc.), we secured a "nearly new" C70 main unit which includes a chart plotter, a DSM 300 fish finder unit, a Raystar 125 GPS unit, and electronic maps for the entire East Coast of the USA plus the Bahamas! The MSRP on this stuff was $2,600. Sourcing pieces separately, we could find this stuff new for $2,100. Based on our ebay trolling to date, this stuff, in the condition it is purported to be in coupled with the sellers feedback score, would have cost us around $1,600. All of our research made it obvious this was a good buy.

We have 1 last major component to buy to complete the system, a Radome. Our watchful eyes are on ebay each day waiting in the dark for the right one to appear.

Our budget for the entire system is $2,500. It appears we will not only spend less than our target, but we are getting more stuff than we previously thought possible. More stuff isn't always good, but we agreed that with the self contained nature of these components, we are willing to take on their ownership. We will not only get a view of what is going on around us above the surface, but we now get a peek at the bottoms composition, fish in the area, collect temperature readings, electronic chart plotting, and GPS data in a data stream that I can tap into!

We are now in the "ebay nervous wait" mode .... waiting on the unit to actually arrive, so we can compare what we understood we bought versus what we actually got.

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