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Thursday, January 14, 2010


Nice and chilly out, and I'm focusing on Speedos! Why? Because right now they are on sale. Speedos are out of season here in the USA so they are cheap!

In my aquatic life, I've had 2 people I admired. Both were SCUBA instructors of mine ... one named Gary Covington who was my NAUI instructor back in 1990 and who educated me through NAUIs Advanced Diver, and Henry Delcampo who was my PADI instructor in 2003 whom educated me through PADI's Dive Master. It was Henry's Scuba shop and boats that I worked on in Florida. Both of these guys were in their late 40s, and both of these guys lived in Speedos. I always thought those articles of clothing were silly, but now with us spending more and more time in the water, I completely understand why.

Speedos are remarkable ... no chafing, quick drying, and easy to cover up with normal clothes. Now when we are out on the boat, that is all I wear!

I plan on living in Speedos when we take our trip, so the time to stock up on Speedos is now while the stores have them nice and cheap.


  1. My wife would never allow me to wear a speedo. Hoped you checked in with the boss ahead of said purchase.

  2. @Capt. Puffy Pants: Ha! Well, the Admiral is pretty cool about such things and says she is fine with it. Last summer, I ended up in Speedos 90% of the time and I kind of think she likes it. ;)


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