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Friday, January 8, 2010

Composting Marine Toilet Conversion - Step 2

Oh my! Talk about STINKY! When we entered the boat, with the hoses disconnected, the putrid smell knocked you back. We elected to eat lunch out this day.

With the original toilet removed, Val started with a small exploratory cut with her Dremel tool so we could gauge the dimensions of the holding tank on our Gemini 3200. The exploratory cut is the small cut out section you see at the bottom of the photo. With this cut made, it was time to open up enough of the wall to pull out the poopy tank. Using her cutting tool, this took about 2 hours total. This was spread over 2 different days since her battery powered Dremel ran out of charge.

Once the holding tank was pulled free, we found an outstanding space that we will re-purpose storage location for the Peat Moss and extra toilet paper. Proudly, and very carefully, the offending holding tank was extracted from the boat and placed on the dock cart for removal. This was a proud moment indeed, and one could almost hear the trumpets as it was paraded up the dock.

Time to create new coverings for the holes we've created.


  1. Trumpets were tooting... got it!

  2. @jomomma: ;) We are never sure how many people get it! Thanks jomamma

  3. I live with the King of Dry Wit.... I get lots of practice.

  4. @jomamma: There is no better type of humor on a boat. Dry that is ;)

  5. lol, so you are a crown prince too!


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