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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Readi Amp 8 - A Battery Killer?

This month, I've begun focusing in on the battery system. As shared previously, I'm in charge of the electrical systems. As such, I have to ensure we have plenty of charge for our needs, our boat is wired safely, and our components will withstand the rigors of full time cruising.

While dissecting our electrical system, I discovered a Readi Amp 8 battery charger. While doing some google searches, I found phrases such as "Battery Killer" and "Unreliable." How true are these statements? I don't know. The Readi Amp 8 on the boat appears to be original equipment, which means it is 19 years old.

The batteries on the boat are swollen and they need to be replaced. Were they over charged due to the Readi Amp 8? I don' t know.

The documentation for the Readi Amp 8 is very poor, and I want to install a system that I have confidence and knowledge in. Consequently, I will be acquiring a battery charger from Xantrex. These are not only high quality, but they are complimentary with the other Xantrex components we have (such as the inverter).

This change out will be fun and interesting. The spaces are confined. I wouldn't expect, or want, it any other way.

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