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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Making Money While Sailing Around The World

When we first started our knowledge journey, we had no idea how we would fund our trip. After a few years, we were finally able to figure out the puzzle using pieces that work for us. We have, however, continued building a catalog of the ways others fund their voyages.

This catalog is like a magicians book of secrets as those who've found their way don't want others intruding on their turf. What has become clear, however, is that the key in funding your journey is to identify something that is complimentary to your talents, tastes, and desires and packaging it up on your boat. One such family recently came to our attention that has successfully done this.

Please allow me to introduce the family aboard the La Loupiote. Since they publicly advertise, I feel okay sharing their story. They are a family of acrobats that do their show from their boat! Your marina, harbor, restaurant, boat, or whatever can pay to have them set anchor near your place and conduct a show! Truly inspiring. Our hats off to these entrepreneurs whom leverage their unique talents and desires to fund their way around the world.

If you're still searching for your method of funding your journey, the family aboard the La Loupiote should provide you a great example of looking beyond the obvious. Oui!

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