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Monday, January 4, 2010

Tracking Our Whereabouts with a GPS Tracking Key Pro

One interesting set of data that we can collect during our round the world voyage is our exact location at any given date and time. Not just where we sail the boat, but where we ride, train, cycle, horse, camel, or walk to. Being able to do this consistently will require the usage of a device that is simple and reliable. After much searching, we've elected to go with LandSeaAir's GPS Tracking Key Pro unit.

The Tracking Key Pro is a passive and compact unit that simply collects Latitude and Longitude data every second from GPS satellites. It stores the information internally and can be connected to a computer via USB connection to retrieve the data. According to the specifications sheet, not only can the device can run up to 80 hours on a single charge, but it can be wired to a larger battery source so that it can run indefinitely.

The plan is to acquire 2 of these units. One will always stay with the boat, and the other will go with us whenever we leave the boat. Having 2 will also provide a certain amount of redundancy.

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