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Monday, January 11, 2010

Composting Marine Toilet Conversion - Step 3

Upon arriving at the boat, the smell wasn't bad at all. In fact, it smelled better than it has since we've owned the boat. There was a slight hint of stink, but we believe the odor is due to the few hoses that we still have connected to the seacocks. Those will be removed post haste.

We now have 2 holes, or open spaces, that we need to fill. The first one is towards the top where the holding tank was previously, and then at the base where we are going to install our Natures Head composting toilet. We made patterns for both.
For the upper
backing, we used Luan 1/8th inch board. We picked Luan because it was light, cheap, and once painted sealed. It can tolerate light splashes of water quite easily.

For the bottom flooring, we used a standard piece of 3/8th inch plywood. We will drill holes right into the flooring where the original toilets holes were drilled.

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