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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Pushing the Envelope in 2010 : Don't Be Denied!

I am worried. In 2010 we are pushing closer to the edge of being too anemic with our life spending to remain happy. The I Ching suggests, and my experience validates, that anything that goes to an extreme, for an individual or situation, always flip flops to its opposite. In our case that means if we push to the extreme of money savings that we would flip flop at some point and spend lots of money.

2010 will be our most savings aggressive year yet. Each year we find ourselves saving a larger and larger percentage of our money by reducing our living costs while not sacrificing an enjoyable life. It is this latter criteria, enjoying life, that is tricky because it is so individual.

There are those that talk about enjoying life without spending money. Can life be enjoyed without spending money? Absolutely. To a monk in the mountains, living in a cave is not only perfectly acceptable but in many cases preferable. No rent or mortgage for that guy. For us, such a life would be dreadful. No lifestyle is right or wrong, we are all individuals with different needs and desires. The fact is, there are certain things I like to do that cost money. There are certain experiences I want my family to have, and they cost money.

However, if I can keep focused this year and we can save to our targets, we will be able to start our around the world sailing adventure in December! That is one heck of a reward for staying vigilant.

It is now a question of staying focused on the prize and not feeling too denied. We shall see. It will be quite a challenge.

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