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Monday, January 18, 2010

Composting Marine Toilet Conversion - Step 5

All bolted in! Wahoo! A dry run, literally, was done with plenty of simulated rocking and rolling. The new commode is secure!

Running the bolts all the way through the fiberglass base of the original toilet was the way to go. It was tricky, though, holding them from underneath and putting the bolts on. The bend of my elbow had to be exactly right. There were a few nut drops along the way resulting in colorful words and starting over.

The hose off to the left side is the vent hose, and it runs up the back behind the new false wall, to the old pump out hole. The next phase of this project involves installing the solar powered vent system at the top that will run 24x7.

In the picture to the left, with the lid open, you can see inside the NaturesHead with the drop shoot opened. This is for working in number 2 mode, as it were. The picture to the right shows the NaturesHead operating mode when taking care of number 1. According to the literature, a female can use the system in number 2 mode
and the appropriate stuff will for 1 or 2 will make the correct journey. A man, on the other hand, must keep things, well, aligned and its recommended he chose a singular mode and use the system accordingly.

Whew! I think I said all that needed to be said, without saying it!


  1. @Mike: Thanks Mike. We are very proud of the outcome.

  2. We are SERIOUSLY considering buying one of these. I have been in contact with the distributor and was at our boat today taking measurements to be sure it will fit (it will be close). Any word of wisdom? Have you been using this?

  3. @Mike: One area that we underestimated was how high off the floor the new seat height is. Be sure your headroom is okay. Our little ones can't reach the seat without a step stool. Another part to consider is the crank arm for the agitator. It pushes out the width of the base by about 6 inches. We ended up cutting 2 inches off of ours and it now fits perfectly. A final recommendation is to use a 24x7 solar powered vent, rather than wiring in the 12 vdc fan. We did the solar approach. The usage part has been kept to liquids thus far. Not because of any worries of the system, but we've just not had any need to do anything else since we installed it. We have put in the peat moss though, so the system is ready and able.

  4. Thanks Bill. The unit will be a very tight fit (width wise) and I was concerned about the agitator handle. I am keeping my fingers crossed that it will fit into the space. As for the height, I calculated how high it would be off the ground yesterday and experimented by placing a big box on top of our current toilet. It definitely will be high! :)

  5. is it possible to switch modes mid-stream, so to speak? :-o

  6. @captain: Indeed it is! Alas, explaining the mode transition requires careful written commentary. The best way to describe mode switching is to highlight that, depending upon ones anatomy, it can be a sit down then stand up affair.


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