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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Crew Member Spotlight - KJ

KJ is an able seaman. She was born in October of 2005, and she loves the water. When you ask KJ why daddy works she will reply,
"So we can make money to sail around the world!"

She has already been at the helm, and knows how to make the boat go to port and to starboard.

She has also proven herself to be a fearless mechanic, just like her mom and grandfather. No job is too gross or complicated to frighten her. She constantly wants to help fix things. Perfect.

KJ has already been through her drown proofing class (where the final test is having the kids thrown in the pool fully clothed in winter apparel in the deep end and they have to float for 10 minutes and then make their way, unaided, out of the pool.

KJ has taken a year of gymnastics, ball class, and ballet. Next year, she will be enrolled in Calvert's home (boat) schooling program for kindergarten.

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  1. this is nothing like than to be with a family sailing together.. just like what i have experience sailing with holyhead ferrieswith my family too.


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