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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Inside Hull Aesthetic Improvements

When we unloaded the starboard hull completely, we found the space inside pretty rough and a number of fiberglass splinters make their way into our hands. The space had been used by the previous owners for storing an extra jib, spinnaker, a shadetree system, side panels for the Bimini, and a large amount of headliner fabric from the boats original construction.

This is how it looked once we emptied the space:

Val has just about completed smoothing and painting over the fiberglass. There aren't any more shards of fiberglass entering our hands. The work took about 2 hours, and the difference is dramatic.

We plan on using this space for storing clothing and extra sail material for Val's sewing efforts. Since this is at the front of our boat, we want to keep it light and balanced with the other hull.
The space inside is huge! Not only can Val can get inside of the space, but I was able to lay inside of it and I'm 6 feet tall. Maybe we will turn this into the "Time Out" space for the girls. :)

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