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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Composting Marine Toilet Conversion - Step 4

The flooring is now being painted and sealed. You can see the 2 holes drilled into the board where the brackets to the Natures Head composting toilet will be screwed in.

The Natures Head toilet does not come with any bolts, so we had to acquire some. They were Stainless Steel, the only way to go in a sea water environment. We've dry fitted everything and it goes together nicely. One issue, however, is that the throne is very high now and we will need a step up for the kids.

Once the paint is dry, we will put everything together, and bolt it down nice and tight.
You will notice that one of the bolts is shorter than the rest. This is because of where we elected to seat the toilet. We pushed it off center so that the cranking arm of the compost agitator and the exhaust port/hose could clear the sides.

When drilling off center, I ended up in a thin part of the fiberglass flooring, and this necessitated the shorter bolt.

Almost time to put it all in, and then we will have to attack the ventilation part of the system.


  1. I can't wait to see this all installed. The only other place I've seen a composting toilet was in a tree house.

  2. I put a composting head in Harmony 1.5 years ago. I love it. gone are the worries of having to "fix" a problem and clean out the bilge. You will love it. Advice have two containers to rotate if high use is expected.

  3. @PMac: Thank you for sharing your experiences with this and your advice. We did acquire 2 Pee bottles at the outset. :)


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